Hello! Welcome to The Healthy Cook! I am Evi and I live in Athens, Greece. I would like to say a few words about the journey I started by creating this blog. I love food. I love trying new recipes, cooking for friends, reading about it, chatting about it and of course tasting it! To cook for your loved ones is a way of showing how much you care, and there is nothing better than the smile on their face when they approve one of your recipes. What you wish for your loved ones is to be fed properly and have the best possible health. I believe in a healthy and balanced nutrition and not on extreme diets.  A few years ago, when I realized how harmful all these processed foods, that are supposed to make our lives easier, are, I decided to follow a more balanced diet, avoiding as much as possible processed foods that do more harm than good . The food is not only delight, but is also the most natural way to get the nutrients our body needs. So we have to be more careful and choose intelligently what we put on our table. I’m not an expert in … Continue reading About